A child’s clinical team will educate their parent(s) about their medication, but on a day to day basis, the parent is actually living and coping with this and has great ongoing responsibilities for their child’s condition.

If a child has to have hydrocortisone replacements, their parent(s) have to administer appropriately their daily doses and be alert for ‘adrenal crises’, which can be life threatening.

From what we have heard and gleaned from parents, their need was a comprehensive but straightforward guide to enable them to cope with their child’s condition better. The Pituitary Foundation produced an informative leaflet called Hydrocortisone Advice for Parents which would help support their day to day decisions and care of their child. This leaflet has also been welcomed by paediatric nurses, as it helps to underpin their information for parents within clinic.

We also provide a School Care Guide, which helps to give parents some peace of mind when their child is at school. This provides a personal fact sheet and emergency directives to the teaching staff for the school age child.

We also have available to order:

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Father and daughter's stories

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