Supporting the pituitary community together

As many as 1 in 1,000 people in the UK are living with a pituitary condition. Every year, awareness and understanding of these life-changing disorders grows – yet misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis remains a challenge. We strive to support the clinical teams in caring for the pituitary community in the best way we can. From general practitioners dealing with the initial onset of symptoms to A&E staff responding to adrenal crises and expert endocrinology teams giving ongoing specialist treatment, we’re on hand at every step of the journey. Because together we can support patients better.

Adrenal Crisis Emergency Information for Medical Professionals
Patients that are dependent on daily steroid therapy are at risk of adrenal crisis. We outline what to do if this is the case.
Endocrine Teams
We are here to work with you to help support anyone affected by a pituitary condition. We have a range of support services and information for your patients.
Finding Research Participants
We are happy to assist you in researchers or companies in relevant research. We have an engaged community who are always keen to get involved in research studies.
Information for GPs
If you have a patient with a pituitary condition then we are here to offer additional support and guidance.
As a pharmacist you are on the front line of healthcare and may come into contact with a pituitary patient who is dependent on hydrocortisone (HC). Hospital pharmacists might also be involved in hydrocortisone prescribing, for a patient on a ward or a newly diagnosed patient through the Endocrinology Department.