Our pituitary gland plays an essential role in the way we feel, grow and live –and when it isn’t functioning as it should, these, among other basic human functions, are drastically affected.

Living with a pituitary condition all too often means living with feelings of isolation, anxiety and alienation from your own body. We’re here to change that.

For everyone affected by pituitary conditions – we hear you and are here for you. We offer practical, emotional and peer support to everyone in the pituitary community who needs it, to feel empowered and live with a greater sense of wellbeing.

We strive to support the clinical teams in caring for the pituitary community in the best way we can. From general practitioners dealing with the initial onset of symptoms to A&E staff responding to adrenal crises and expert endocrinology teams giving ongoing specialist treatment, we’re on hand at every step of the journey. Because together we can support patients better.


Our vision is that all people with pituitary conditions can live well, now and in the future.


We’ll achieve this vision by working with everyone with a pituitary condition, their support networks and healthcare professionals to raise pituitary awareness, reduce time to diagnosis.

We’ll empower patients to navigate the UK healthcare system and obtain the best clinical outcomes possible, and provide support to enable everyone with a pituitary condition to live as well as possible.

Our values:

We know that the values which underpin the way in which we work will help us achieve our vision

  • We are welcoming
  • We are caring
  • We are empowering
  • We are trustworthy
  • We are collaborative

2023 Strategy

Our ambitious new strategy will guide our work in a post pandemic landscape and against a backdrop of unprecedented challenges facing the NHS. We know that our services provide vital support for thousands of people each year. Our commitment to supporting everyone affected by Pituitary conditions remains unchanged, and this vision renews our resolve to achieving our ambition.

You can see our strategy here.

Our Annual Report

You can read our most recent annual report here.