What is psychological support?

We are pleased that we can now offer members a counselling service in collaboration with Rareminds. Living or supporting someone with a pituitary condition can be challenging, and our new counselling service can help you with to live with the emotional aspect of a pituitary condition.

We will be working in partnership with experts at Rareminds and Counsellors will provide a safe, confidential relationship to work through difficult thoughts or feelings, and explore new ways of approaching challenges you may experience at different times.

What we can offer

This service offers members up to 8 sessions of free, confidential counselling service. This will be on zoom, or on the phone, and is available for family members and individuals aged 18+ impacted by a pituitary condition.

Both evening and daytime appointments are available (weekdays only).

As living with a pituitary condition happens within the context of your everyday life, it’s inevitable that the ‘ups and downs’ of both impact on each other. You can talk to our counsellors about anything that you are struggling with in living with the emotional impact of a pituitary condition. This might include:

  • Impact on your family, social or work relationships
  • Anxiety or low mood
  • Identity (including feeling different, lonely or isolated)
  • Dealing with difficult, unpredictable or increasing symptoms
  • The psychological burden of being the ‘pituitary condition expert’
  • Coping with unpleasant tests or treatment
  • Making difficult choices
  • Worries about the future

Please note – rareminds does not provide a Crisis Response service. If you have urgent well-being concerns or are in crisis please contact your GP, GP out of hours service, NHS 111 or The Samaritans on 116 123 (UK & ROI) in the first instance. 

About Rareminds

Rareminds is a UK based charity supporting the mental health of those with rare diseases and family members. They provide access to specialist counsellors and psychotherapists trained in working with rare diseases.

They have a unique understanding of the psychosocial impact of rare diseases and work in partnership with patient organisations, rare disease charities and groups to understand the specific challenges faced by their communities.

All of their counsellors/psychotherapists have additional post-Diploma (or equivalent) level experience, and have completed Rareminds internal training programme on ‘Counselling for those impacted by Rare Diseases’.

Meet the counsellors

Stephanie Yin, UKCP Accred.

Stephanie is an accredited psychotherapist and counsellor, and a full clinical member of UKCP. She has worked with children and adults in NHS and community Counselling Services for several years. Informed by both a lived and professional experience, she is passionate about raising awareness and improving mental health services for the rare disease community.

Stephanie also conducts research, and provides training and consultancy on the experience of living with rare and chronic conditions.

Anna Smith UKCP (Memb.)

Anna is an Integrative Psychotherapist and a registered member of the UKCP. She has worked predominantly with children and families within schools and private practice supporting them through family issues, developmental difficulties, trauma and living with neurodiversity and other special educational needs. She has a special interest in how the needs of a child impact the family set up and how the needs of a family unit impact a child.

How to access

This service is only open to enhanced members of The Pituitary Foundation. You can become a member for £25 a year, and there are concessions available.

You will also need to purchase our enhanced membership package of £15. This brings the total cost to £40 to access the service. With our enhanced membership offering you get access to the 8 counselling sessions and an informative video to help with your wellbeing.

This surcharge ensures that we can still get gift aid on our membership and that the support will only be accessed by those affected by pituitary conditions.  If finances are prohibitive please contact us to find out how we could support you. Our helplines, support groups and many events remain free to everyone, member or not.

Once you have purchased the enhanced membership then you will be sent information via email on how to arrange an initial consultation with our Lead Counsellor Stephanie.

Once you have emailed, you should expect a response within 5 working days, and an initial consultation 7-10 days after this.

This project is currently a pilot scheme, and there is limited funding for places, so places are offered on a first come first serve basis.