January can often be a tricky time of the year for many. With cold weather, dark nights, and the cost of living crisis it’s extra important to practice self-care in these months. As part of our winter wellbeing campaign we want to share some of our favourite self-care tips.

Disclaimer: These tips are here to help you with your wellbeing. If you think that you have a mental health condition then please contact your GP, so they can advise the best course of treatment for you.

Smiling – Did you know the physical act of smiling causes ‘feel-good’ chemicals to be released, it doesn’t even matter whether you feel like smiling or not.

Be your own best friend – often our internal monologue can be so critical, but talking to yourself kindly can make a real difference to how you feel.

Rituals – Start and end the way in a positive way by doing simple and soothing rituals. It could be a morning stretch or your skin care routine or having a cup of tea in the morning.

There are lots more stress management tips in our Psychological Impacts booklet, which is available to download for free or you can buy a physical copy.

The MIND website also has a wide range of support for your mental health, including this useful blog of tips to look after your wellbeing.