Who are the telephone and email buddies?

Our buddies are volunteers who have experience of living with pituitary conditions, either as someone with the condition, or as a family member or friend.

The vast majority of pituitary conditions are represented amongst our volunteer telephone buddies including AVP Deficiency (DI), Acromegaly, Cushing’s, non-functioning tumour, hypopituitarism and some of the rarer disorders also.

What do our buddies do?

Our peer support telephone buddies and email service is here for you. We have trained volunteers who are here to:

  • listen
  • offer practical tips
  • share their own experiences
  • give you encouragement.

A buddy is available for up to three calls. They cannot give medical advice, nor are they an ongoing support service.

How does the buddy system work?

Please contact us with information on what you’d like to talk about and we will put you in touch with a telephone buddy who we think will suit you needs best.

Once we have matched you with a buddy we will share their contact details and when they are able to be contacted. Most telephone buddies have a specific time when they are available for phone calls.

If your buddy is not available when you call, please don’t leave a message as our telephone buddies don’t make outgoing calls. We have a range of telephone buddies, of different ages, with different conditions, including people with caring responsibilities.