Summer has arrived, and as the weather gets hotter and the layers come off, finding confidence in your body shouldn’t be a chore.  

A side effect to some pituitary conditions is a change in weight and body shape. So, whether you’ve been diagnosed with Cushing’s, Acromegaly or any pituitary condition that has changed your physical features, we want you to find confidence this summer. Your body might have changed, but you still have the right to feel confident in your own skin.  

Socialise and go outside 

Taking care of your mental health during the summer when you’re influenced online and offline of unrealistic diets and bodies can be hard and very easy to lock yourself away. But intrusive and negative thoughts thrive in isolation and there is an immense importance to go outside and socialise.  

Keep talking 

The people you surround yourself with is one of the most important parts to help you feel comfortable and reassured. When you’re out and about keep talking, whether that’s about your feelings or something completely random, like how blue the sky is, talking is therapy.  

Talking to someone else that is going through a similar situation as you will help you build trust in how your body works. Having a support network of people that understand your condition and the way that you feel is how you get out of those isolating and painful thoughts. You are not alone.  

Our support groups are there to offer a safe space to talk about how you’re feeling, with others that may be experiencing similar body changes to you. It’s a way to escape isolation and build friendships with the people that get you. 

Keep a routine 

With the hustle and bustle of summer days, with kids off school or people wanting to get outside in the sun, your routine can change or begin to unravel. Keeping a routine is a key way to support your well-being, and in turn this can help reduce intrusive thoughts you may be experiencing about your body.  

To help keep your routine going you can set reminders on your phone, make a list of the plans for the day, and always remember to take time for yourself. 

Find healthy distractions 

Implementing a moment in your routine to distract yourself with the things you know you enjoy, or simply finding something new is a way to keep your mind occupied and away from the way your body feels. Perhaps it’s colouring, painting, reading a book or attending a local club.  

Wear comfortable clothes 

To feel mentally comfortable, you need the help of physical comforts too.  

It’s too hot to cover up in a thick jumper and heavy denim jeans when the temperature is above 25 degrees, and it is also dangerous to overheat. But you also might find that the summer clothes you wore before diagnosis no longer fit. That is okay. 

Bodies change every year, whether you have a pituitary condition or not. The aim is to buy new clothes that fit and you feel confident in and be rid of the old. 

Take extra special care of your body and mental well-being this summer. Don’t hide away from something that cannot be helped.  

Try beginning with understanding what your condition means to your physical self and that you are already an incredibly strong person for dealing with a condition that is often misunderstood and rare. 

For more support and information, you can find your local support group and contact our helpline if you have any worries about your medical health.