Finding people to feed into your research

If you’d like to advertise a research study please get in touch with the following information:

  • Organisation carrying out the research e.g. the pharmaceutical company
  • Aim of the study
  • Eligibility criteria of who can take part
  • What the study involves for our community–time length, location, phone or face-to-face interview
  • Contact email and telephone number applicants can reach you on
  • Any honorarium paid for patients’ involvement
  • Closing date for recruitment
  • A relevant photo of the researcher or similar that we can use to promote the study.

Please send these details in as a word document or PDF. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to share your research study, and this decision will be solely at our discretion.

What we ask for in return:

  • We require all research studies that we advertise to submit a summary of the findings in a blog post suitable for a patient audience.
  • We ask that a donation is given to The Pituitary Foundation for our part in publicising your study to recruit patients.

To find out more and to send us your study details, please contact [email protected]

If you are affected by a pituitary condition, we have a page on how to get involved with research studies