Considering changes

Following the onset of the condition the unpredictable nature of symptoms and the demands of the treatment can result in changes to life goals (personal and family), and a future restricted life. This can necessitate a change in family roles where you move from being a provider and/or carer within the family to a person who becomes dependant and cared for. This change in role can result in confusion for you and for others within your family, as you all attempt to deal with the required role changes and what this might mean for your identity as a person.

The restrictions imposed by the condition and symptom management can affect relationships with friends and colleagues. They can also reduce the opportunities for, and your willingness to, socialise with others.

Our Relationships and communication booklet addresses the process of adjustment you need to make in your relationship with yourself, as well as the issues of communication about your condition with others. It aims to provide support strategies to help maintain old relationships and develop new ones, whilst living with a pituitary condition. Communicating about your diagnosis and how you need to manage your condition is dependent upon the degree of impact a pituitary condition inflicts. It also requires an understanding of the issues that your condition and its management might raise for others in your life. Key to this is helping you to manage the enforced changes and acceptance of the new you.