NIHR CRN research

The Clinical Research Network: Metabolic and Endocrine theme supports the set up and delivery of clinical research within the NHS.  We work alongside clinicians, commercial companies and patient organisations to provide an infrastructure to deliver research trials.

Research is important to make new advances available to patients and to improve the standard of care, in the areas of prevention, screening and diagnosis, treatment and quality of life.

If you would like more information on the work of the NIHR Clinical Research Network for Metabolic and Endocrine disorders, you can access our website here.

UK Clinical Trial Gateway – search for clinical studies open in the UK:

Find a Clinical Research Study - search for studies recruiting patients in your local area here

The ‘OK to Ask’ campaign aims to help the public engage with healthcare professionals about research. Click here for more info 


INVOLVE has an involvement in research jargon buster:


People in Research is a resource where researchers can advertise opportunities to get involved in research:


NIHR JournalsLibrary is an open access library with the results of research:


InvoDIRECT is an online directory of networks, groups and organisations that support active public involvement in research:


National Association for Patient Participation: