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The Basics

New to pituitary or not sure where to start? We'll explain what the pituitary gland is and take you through the first things you need to know.

What is the Pituitary Gland?
The pituitary gland secretes hormones which carry messages around the body via the bloodstream. It controls several hormone glands in the body, including the thyroid, adrenals, ovaries and testes, so is often described as the master gland.
Emergency Info for AI and AVP-D (DI)
In case of emergency you should call 999. This page outlines the sick day rules and other emergency information for both Adrenal Insufficiency and AVP Deficiency (Diabetes Insipidus).
Causes of Pituitary Conditions
There are a range of causes for pituitary conditions, the most common being a non-cancerous tumour. Other causes include traumatic brain injury.
What are Hormones?
Hormones are chemicals which circulate in the blood stream and spread around the body to carry messages or signals to different parts of the body.
Major Endocrine Glands and Other Organs
There are a number of endocrine glands across the body which work together to secrete hormones. There are also several organs that contain endocrine tissue.
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Our Impact

Our vision is that all people with pituitary conditions live well, now and in the future. We work with everyone with a pituitary condition, their support networks and healthcare professionals to raise pituitary awareness and reduce time to diagnosis.


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Your Stories

Nadine’s story: Living with a physical disability and Cushing’s disease

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News and updates

Welcoming new CEO, Emma Cooper

15th July 2024

Paid Research Opportunity: Growth Hormone Deficiency medication review

24th June 2024

Research Opportunity: Round 2 of Pituitary Surgery Priority survey

18th June 2024
Think Pituitary was our 2021 campaign which sought improved and ongoing training for health care professionals who care for pituitary patients.

It is vital that people with conditions like adrenal insufficiency and diabetes insipidus feel safe going into hospital and able to trust they will receive the necessary treatment.

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