Hydrocortisone awareness

Hydrocortisone (HC) is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal gland. It plays a complex role in regulating body functions and is essential for survival.

Hydrocortisone is taken as a replacement for the natural hormone where this is deficient, either because there is a failure of hydrocortisone production by the adrenal gland (Addison’s disease/primary adrenal insufficiency), or pituitary deficiency (secondary adrenal insufficiency) of ACTH (the hormone that stimulates the production of hydrocortisone by the adrenal gland). 

The following resources and campaigns are useful for awareness:

  1. HC emergency card
  2. Patient Care Card
  3. HC advice for Patients
  4. HC advice for Parents
  5. Advice for Ambulance Personnel    
  6. Think Adrenal Insufficiency Campaign