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Research Opportunity: Self-Injecting Device

Healthcare Opinions require the help of adults diagnosed with specific conditions to give their feedback on the design of a new injection device.

Research Opportunity: Pregnant People with multiple Health Conditions

Researchers from the University of Birmingham are looking for people who have been pregnant and had multiple health conditions to complete an online survey.

Research Opportunity: Adolescent Growth Hormone Deficiency

Healthcare Opinions are looking for adolescents aged 10-17 in the Greater Manchester area living with Growth Hormone deficiency, who currently administer medication via injection, to evaluate the usability of a new injection device. 

Research Opportunity: Pituitary Tumour Diagnosis in Childhood

This research study is looking for those the views and experiences of those who were diagnosed with a pituitary tumour in childhood. 

Research Opportunity: Child Growth Hormone Deficiency

A research opportunity looking for children who take growth hormone to provide feedback on a new auto-injecting device. 

Research Opportunity: Were you diagnosed with a pituitary tumour following a scan for a brain injury or migraine?

Research study looking at people who have been diagnosed with an incidentaloma, to develop resources to support people after diagnosis. 

Research Opportunity: Growth Hormone Deficiency

A study looking for adults and children on growth hormone medication to evaluate a new injection device.

Research Opportunity: Understanding the Psychological Impact of Living With Adult-Onset Craniopharyngioma

Lecturer in the Department of Pyschology at the University of Essex, Dr Katie Daughters, is inviting people to take part in her latest research study.

Research Opportunity: Cushing's Disease - Psychological and Social Effects

Medical study looking at the psychological and social effects of cushing’s disease. To develop a psychological wellbeing intervention to support individuals with Cushing’s Disease.

Research Opportunity: Pituitary Surgery Study

Doctors from National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery are looking for surgery patients to help them with their patient pathway.