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Cushing's Awareness Day - Minal's Story

For Cushing’s Awareness Day we want to share this story of Minal. She was diagnosed with Cushing’s after remembering a lecture about Cushing’s during her training to become a dentist.

Cushing's Awareness Day - Emily's Story

Our next story for Cushing's Awareness Day comes from Emily. She talk's about her journey to diagnosis, her treatment and how helpful support groups are for support and to ask questions.

International Women's Day - Shelley's journey to get diagnosed with Cushing's

For International Women's Day we want to highlight the bias that women face when trying to get diagnosed with health conditions. Shelley took 11 years to get her Cushing's disease diagnosis, we share her story.

Rare Disease Day Stories Victoria - Living with a Pituitary Macroadenoma

Victoria shares her story of having a pituitary adenoma for Rare Disease Day 2022!

Sharon's Story - Pituitary Awareness Month

Sharon shared her pituitary journey on her Instagram page as part of Pituitary Awareness month

Hypopituitarism & Organisation

Jess shares a reflection on how hypopituitarism affects her

Kate's Story

Kate shares her experiences of her son being diagnosed with hypopituitarism at 3 weeks old

Volunteers' Week: The Role of a Helpline Operator

Find out more about a typical day in the life of one of our Helpline Operators.

Volunteers' Week: Nick's Story

Nick is a Telephone Buddy and tells his story here

Volunteers' Week: Martin's Story

Martin is an Area Coordinator in Newcastle and tells his story here