Awareness Month 2015 - Get Red Flagged


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Awareness Month in October 2015 saw lots of campaigning and awareness activities taking place across the UK. In fact, we are pleased to report that it was the most popular Awareness Month ever and participation exceeded expectations. Overall we saw a 59% increase in people involved compared with the last Awareness Month. 

Our Get Red Flagged campaign encouraged patients with Adrenal Insufficiency to register with their Ambulance Trust so their condition is flagged on the Trust’s system automatically. We tried to make the campaign as visual as possible. Red flags with the campaign logo were designed and were sent out as reminders to all support groups and all pituitary centres of excellence.

The most important way patients could get involved was to get themselves red flagged during October. An information factsheet about this process and how to contact your local ambulance trust was developed by The Foundation and sent to everyone who let us know they wanted to get red flagged.

Please note this campaign is no longer running but you can still order your free Get Red Flagged Factsheet via the website shop to make sure you get your self flagged on the trusts system. 

Highlights from campaign 

The number of factsheets sent out during Awareness Month was 385 (some clinics requested extra copies for their patients and participants also took flags and factsheets along to their own clinics). In total 60 clinic packs were also sent out, this figure includes the packs The Foundation sent to all centres of excellence. These packs contained factsheets and red flags and the hospitals were asked to put these up on clinic notice boards.

Supporters also held Go Red Days, gave awareness talks, and held awareness stands. Overall, events that took place as a result of Awareness Month have helped to raise £6,435.56 which helps fund The Pituitary Foundation’s awareness activities. This is £425.76 more than last year. A huge thank you to all our participants for their hard work!