This campaign has shown without a doubt that many non-endocrine health care professionals do not know what DI is, and immediately confuse it with diabetes mellitus.

The campaign ‘No Need To DI’ reached over 70,000 people on our social media. We received 221 comments and our posts were shared by 722 and over 4.600 signed our petition to change the name.

We have seen devastating accounts, from loved ones of patients who lost their lives, because the HCPs involved did not understand what DI is, how it should be treated and how it should be monitored.

We continued to work with an incredible team of dedicated endocrinologists including Prof John Wass, Dr Malcolm Prentice, Dr Miles Levy, Prof Stephanie Baldeweg, Dr Helen Simpson, the Society for Endocrinology and others and are delighted that the name change is being adopted.

To have any new name of a medical condition recognised by HCPs and patients, there are steps we have to follow and a lot of communication to ensure everyone knows and understands the change. For a while both names will be used.