Our Message

The key campaign message in this awareness drive to primary care (GPs etc.) is that Cushing’s symptoms can be a great mimic for other more common conditions that are regularly seen by GPs, such as obesity, menopause, depression, and hypertension.

The more GPs who are aware, the more patients can be diagnosed early and avoid the frustrations, and poor wellbeing, associated with along diagnosis. The Foundation contacted the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), the Nursing Standard, The BMJ and worked beside the Society for Endocrinology to help raise this awareness.

We encouraged schools and businesses to hold “Go Orange” days and simultaneously raise awareness and spread the message about the symptoms of Cushing’s. As ever, getting involved can make a significant difference to how widely our Awareness Month message spreads across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

We continue to work to support the diagnosis and treatment of Cushings.