Adrenal crisis e-learning module for paramedics

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We frequently hear about patients experiencing difficulties and delays accessing their hydrocortisone when being treated by ambulance personnel and hospital staff.  Our spring campaign in 2016 was to raise awareness about emergency hydrocortisone to ambulance staff by publicising a free e-learning module. 

North West England Ambulance Service developed this e-learning module for ambulance staff about adrenal insufficiency. Andy Baines, Advanced Paramedic in Cheshire & Merseyside Area, produced the module. Andy also sits on The Pituitary Foundation’s medical committee and we worked with him closely on this campaign.

Please note this campaign is no longer running but you can read more about what activities took place and the resources are still available if you want to spread awareness/ or use the e-module. 

Access the training module

This module is free to access here, use the module password: pituitarydemo. The module is entitled ‘Adrenal Insufficiency: Improving Recognition and Management in the Pre Hospital Setting’.

Campaign results

As a result of our campaign nine ambulance trust/training organisations are now utilising our training module.

Paramedics across the UK have also been contacting us to ask to take the module as part of their own personal development and 72 people contacted us via email asking for flyers. These included, paramedics, Heads of Patient Safety departments, Union Learning Reps, friends and family of ambulance staff, and our own volunteers and supporters offering to distribute flyers. The Pituitary Foundation contacted all UK ambulance trusts with information about the module.

The campaign has resulted in increased numbers of paramedics improving their knowledge of treating adrenal crisis and we are pleased with how many ambulance trusts and training organisations are now using the module. 

Order a flyer

Flyers are still available if you would like to take one to your ambulance trust to help make them aware of the free e-learning module.

To request a flyer email and let us know you want to take part in the campaign and give us your address. We'll then send you a flyer in the post.

  • To find your local ambulance trust in England visit this website. For trusts in Scotland click here, for Wales click here, Northern Ireland here, and Republic of Ireland here.