Surgery and Radiotherapy Booklet

If you are undergoing surgery as part of your treatment for your pituitary condition then our booklet gives more information on what to expect. The aim of this booklet is to provide general information about pituitary surgery and radiotherapy. You may not find that all of the
information applies to you in particular but we hope it helps you to understand your condition better and offers you a basis for discussion with your GP, endocrinologist and neurosurgeon.

Where is my pituitary gland, & what does it do?
What is a pituitary tumour?
Why do I need an operation?
Surgical treatment
Trans-sphenoidal surgery
What is the aim of surgery & how likely is a cure?
What can go wrong during & after the operation?
What happens after the operation?
Surgery – one patient’s story
Radiotherapy questions
Radiotherapy – one patient’s story

How will surgery &/or radiotherapy affect my life?
Alcohol & replacement hormones
Insurance & pensions
Loss of libido, infertility & relationships
Personal medical identification

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