Male Hormones and Infertility Booklet

This A5 booklet provides information about male hormones and infertility issues.

You may find that not all of the information applies to you in particular, but we hope it helps you to understand your condition better and offers you a basis for discussion with your GP and Endocrinologist.


  • The pituitary gland and its effect on Male Hormones
  • An Explanation of Hormones
  • Lack of Male Hormones
  • What are the Effects?
  • What does this mean?
  • Symptons of Testosterone Deficiency
  • How are Hypogonadism and Sub-Fertility Diagnosed?
  • How are Hypogonadism and Infertility Treated?
  • Methods of Taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • Common Questions
  • How will Hypogonadism affect my Lifestyle?
  • What Hypogonadism Means to Me
  • Other Support Organisations
  • Support The Pituitary Foundation

Also available to download for free