Cushing’s Booklet

This booklet provides information about Cushing’s in a handy A5 size publication.

You may find that not all of the information applies to you in particular, but we hope it helps you to understand your condition better and offers you a basis for discussion with your GP and endocrinologist.


  • What is Cushing’s and Why do we Get it?
  • What does it Feel like to have Cushing’s?
  • Diagnosis of Cushing’s
  • Treatment of Cushing’s
  • How is Cushing’s Treated?
  • After Surgery
  • Will I be cured or will I need further treatment?
  • Cushing’s Aftercare
  • Psychological Aspects
  • Loss of Libido, Infertility & Relationships
  • How will Cushing’s affect my Lifestyle?
  • Employment
  • Prescriptions
  • Alcohol & Replacement Hormones
  • Driving
  • Insurance & Pensions
  • Personal Medical Identification
  • Common Questions
  • Living with Cushing’s – a patient’s story
  • Other Support Organisations

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