Diabetes Insipidus/AVP-D Booklet

This A5 booklet provides information about Diabetes Insipidus. The booklet will be updated and changed to the new AVP-D (Arginine Vasopressin Deficiency) name in due course.

You may find that not all of the information applies to you in particular, but we hope it helps you to understand your condition better and offers you a basis for discussion with your GP and Endocrinologist.


  • What is Diabetes Insipidus and why do we get it?
  • There are two forms of Diabetes Insipidus
  • What does it feel like?
  • How is it diagnosed?
  • What tests are carried out and how will it feel?
  • How is DI treated?
  • Aftercare
  • How will Diabetes Insipidus affect my life?
    • Prescriptions
    • Driving
    • Employment Problems
    • Insurance & Pensions
    • Personal Medical Identification
    • Toilet Facilities Card
    • National Key Scheme
  • Common Questions
  • What DI means to me – a patient’s story

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