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For just £1 a week you will be allocated your personal six digit lottery number and entered automatically into the weekly prize draw.

Match 6 numbers = £25,000

Match 5 numbers = £1000

Match 4 numbers = £25

Match 3 numbers = five free entries in the next draw.

There is no sharing of prizes, so if you match all 6 numbers you win £25,000, whether you are the only jackpot winner or not.

The Pituitary Foundation is guaranteed to receive 50p of every £1 played in the Lottery.

Every Friday, a winning number is drawn at random. Match your digits to win up to £25,000!

The lottery is a number match game. We generate a random 6-digit winning number sequence. If your digits are in same positions as the digits in the winning number sequence, you win a prize!

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If you have any questions about the Lottery you can contact the Unity Lottery Helpline directly on 0870 050 9240. Alternatively if you’d prefer to speak with someone from The Pituitary Foundation feel free to get in touch.

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