Pituitary Patients Handbook

For those seeking diagnosis, the newly diagnosed & diagnosed patient.



  • For all patients
  • The pituitary patients charter

Part 1: For those seeking a diagnosis

  • Seeking a diagnosis
  • Check list of symptons associated with pituitary conditions
  • Referral to an Endocrinologist

Part 2: For those newly diagnosed

  • Treatment if a pituitary condition is diagnosed
  • Emotional issues
  • For those facing surgery
  • Medication names of various treatments
  • Questions you may want to ask when you start your treatment
  • An explanation of hormones

Part 3: For all

  • Pituitary function tests explained
  • Recognising practical & emotional issues
  • The patient & doctor relationship
  • Physical appearance
  • Going to the hospital
  • Holiday & travel information

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