For Parents: Your Pituitary Infant, Birth to 5 Years

This A5 booklet provides information for parents who have a baby or young child with a pituitary condition.

You may find that not all of the information applies to you in particular, but we hope it helps you to understand your condition better and offers you a basis for discussion with your child’s GP and their paediatric endocrinologist.


  • The impact on parents
  • Taking care of yourself
  • The pituitary gland explained
  • The hypothalamus
  • Causes
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment and ongoing care
  • Monitoring your child in clinic
  • Questions to ask their paediatric team
  • Your child’s file
  • Sick day rules
  • Practical advice
  • Support for parents
  • Useful links
  • A parent’s story
  • Membership form

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