This year marks our 30th anniversary and we are so excited to have a year full of celebrations. We’ve got big ambitions for the next 30 years, and we need your support to reach them. 

We’re asking everyone in our community to get involved with fundraising. You can get involved in any way you like, but we have some ideas already!

Take on a 30 themed challenge to do 30 things to raise money. Maybe you’re going to knit 30 pairs of socks, do 30 acts of kindness, or run 30 miles! It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you get involved.

We have some ideas of ways to get involved below. Also take a look at our community page, and see how others are raising funds and awareness.

30 Acts of Kindness

How about getting sponsored to carry out 30 acts of kindness during a month. A great way to spread the love and be as kind as possible – this could really be a great way for children to get involved.

30 Days of Craft

For anyone who enjoys crafty things, why not set yourself a craft challenge. That could be a 24 hour craftathon, knitting 30 items of something, or crafting every day for 30 days. Don’t forget to ask for sponsorship!

30 Days of Yoga

Yoga is great for our physical and mental health. You can even make it as easy or challenging as you’d like. How about taking on 30 days of yoga and ask for sponsorship?

30 Days of Abstaining

Could you refrain from something for 30 days? Maybe stop smoking or drinking alcohol? Give up chocolate, sugar or coffee? If you were to refrain from any of these then it would have a positive impact on your health, and you could ask friends and family to sponsor.

You could even donate the money that you saved!

Facebook Fundraisers

On the anniversary of your surgery or diagnosis, why not create a Facebook fundraiser to celebrate how far you’ve come in your pituitary journey. It couldn’t be simpler creating Facebook fundraiser. Just select The Pituitary Foundation and share with friends and family.

30th Anniversary Charity Night

The perfect opportunity to get together with friends and family. Charge a ticket fee to attend and host a raffle on the evening. If you work for an employer that operates a match funding scheme, then you may even be able to get your fundraising efforts doubled by your company.

Sponsored Silence

Would you have the self-discipline to go an entire 30 hours without talking? It would be quite a challenge, but a great way to fundraise.

30th Anniversary Quiz Night

Who loves general knowledge? Who’s the music round wizard? Who knows their science facts? You could even add a few unique rounds like a dance off or drawing round. Great fun to host at the local pub, event space or at home. Each team donates to enter.

Sponsored Head Shave

This is a classic and brave fundraising activity: waxing body hair for charity, cutting your hair into a unique hairstyle or maybe shaving it altogether. Ask people to sponsor you for making such a bold decision and maybe record the event too.

Would you be brave enough?

Active Challenges

How about 30,000 steps in a week or why not go even bigger by attempting 300,000 steps in a month? This is great one to work into your daily life and get sponsored for.

If you want to work on your swimming ability, why not set yourself a distance challenge? Or you could take 30 cold plunges for a month!

Maybe you are already a runner or want to start, you could take on a running challenge. Just make sure it’s challenging and has a 30 theme!

How about rowing 30,000km at the local gym, this can be done in one go or several attempts. Or you could even do a rowing event where you try to row for 30 hours straight!

Why not go on a 30-mile bike ride, get some friends to join you so that it’s more of a team effort!

If you are taking on a challenge, remember to let us know, as we are always happy to support in any way we can. You can email us [email protected], or give our office a call 0117 370 1333.