Below are the people who are taking part in fundraising for our 30th year! Find out about their achievements, and get inspired to take on your own fundraising. If you would like to be featured on this page, please scroll to the bottom of this page where you can find out more.


Jay will be swimming at least 30 lengths every day during February.


Debbie is holding an ABBA tribute charity night to celebrate our 30th anniversary.


Sam is asking for donations on JustGiving in memory of Angela Fowler.


Claire will be running the Edinburgh Marathon!


Charlotte is giving up alcohol for 40 days.


Helen is taking on the couch-to-5k challenge with the goal of running for 30 minutes without stopping.

The following people have kindly donated £30 or more as part of our 30th anniversary appeal: Anna Crown, Deborah Cooper, Alison Milne, Sue Jackson, Phil Rouse, Stafford Lightman, Shirley Davis, Peter Terry, Pamela Shrimpton, Colette Harris, Clive Lingard, Javir Sigh, Vivienne Cox, Jeanette Curran, Ruth Carter, A. J. Wootton, Miss S Smith, Howard Sutton, Andrew Dogherty, Peter Cork.

Your anniversaries:

Denise – “This year I’ll be celebrating 50 years since my last radiotherapy.  I understand my  life expectation was just 18 months. Currently I’ve had 47 years…”

Jordan – “I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour when I was 11 at the end of July 2002; 3 days before the end of year 5 when i was transferred to great Ormond street for treatment. A particular song that I remember singing and dancing to with the nurses was ‘Any One Of Us’ by Gareth Gates. It was just after he came second on pop idol and i was in love with him. This song means so much because it reminds me of being in my bed with my walkman on, blasting that tune on repeat and the nurses dancing and singing with me, made me smile and laugh and distracted me from what was actually going on. I am 31 now and am well in the routine of living life with a pituitary condition but this memory still sits in my heart like it was yesterday.”

James – “I was told I had a pituitary adenoma on 15 December 2016.  After a rollercoaster of emotions, my wife and I went out for a comforting fish and chips dinner at one of our favourite eateries by the harbourside at Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders.  We parked on the quay facing the harbour.  Upon finishing our meal, we came out to find the tide had started to come in and the boats were now sitting higher – this revealed ‘Fear Not’ was the vessel directly in front of our car.  I took this as a reassuring sign…”

Annabel – “My pituitary anniversary is 40 years since I had my operation. Easter 1984 the tumour was removed, just before my o-level exams, so 10 years before the Foundation existed! I became a member early on, although didn’t realise at the time how new the charity was. Thanks for all your help over the years.”

Paul – “My diagnosis for panhypopituitarism and diabetes insipidus was September 1999. Favourite songs: Morning has broken by Cat Steven (1971) and New York City Boys by Pet Shop Boys (1999).”

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