Who we are

It is estimated that there are approximately 70,000 people with a pituitary condition in the United Kingdom. To meet the need for information and support The Pituitary Foundation was set up in 1994 and was subsequently registered as a charity in September 1996.

The Pituitary Foundation is a national support and information organisation for pituitary patients, their families, friends and carers. We are the UK's leading charity providing support to people affected by disorders of the pituitary gland such as acromegaly, Cushing's, prolactinoma, diabetes insipidus and hypopituitarism.

The Pituitary Foundation operates throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. We are a membership organisation and have in the region of 2,300 subscribed members and we support thousands of people affected by pituitary conditions each year. We are a relatively small charity, with ten members of staff and supporting our work we have a team of 140 volunteers across the country.

The Pituitary Foundation is currently funded from voluntary sources including: membership fees, voluntary donations, fundraising activities, support from the pharmaceutical industry and grants from grant-making trusts.

See /about-us/charity-information/ for information regarding our vision, mission and values. 

Our service

The Pituitary Foundation’s goal is to assist you along your journey with information, support and understanding. To do this, our service is available to patients, family members, friends, health care professionals and the general population.

We must understand the needs of our pituitary community and therefore welcome you to share your stories, your views and your feedback on our services.

However, in common with most charities, we have constraints on our financial and staffing resources, therefore, there has to be limits on the service we offer. In practical terms this means:

  • We cannot provide individualised case management for patients or family members.
  • We cannot intervene in any circumstance faced by individual members of our community with anyone, including employers and medical professionals. Nor can we assist members with procuring medical appointments or tests and we cannot evaluate cases and provide expert diagnosis or treatment advice.
  • We cannot offer funds to individuals.
  • We cannot offer services to pituitary patients outside the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland.
  • We cannot take on personal awareness campaigns within the NHS, other government agencies or amongst the general public.

However there are many things we can do to help and support.

We can offer a listening ear, information and general advice to assist you in being your own advocate. We can also signpost you to relevant services who can offer further information and support.

We will endeavour to listen to your suggestions as to our current services and future growth. If evidence supports the discovery of a need for the majority of the community, we will make every effort to include it in current programmes or build programmes to meet that need (should funding allow).