It’s Pituitary Awareness Month!

This year’s spotlight is on Prolactinoma, and we want you all to get involved and spread awareness!

Prolactin is a hormone everyone has, regardless of sex and has a vital role in producing milk. A prolactinoma is a prolactin-producing tumour on the pituitary gland and can have a significant impact on fertility and your general wellbeing.

As the most common pituitary condition, this month we want to connect the whole community with one another, as well as experts, and we have a range of ways for everyone to get involved. From sharing our social media posts, creating your own posts, attending our events and plus many more.

Here’s our list of ways you can get involved this Pituitary Awareness Month:

  1. Come along to our online events! We know October can be a bit chilly so attending our events right from the warmth of your home is a win!
  2. Make sure to share our social media posts! There will be a range of content, from community stories, up-to-date information and resources. Just make sure to hit the like and share button!
  3. Add your details to our ‘My Pituitary Journey’ graphic. Download here. We’ll be sharing an easy to fill in graphic where you can share the key parts of your Prolactinoma journey with your friends and family. Post them to your social media accounts and be sure to tag us.
  4. Invite your family and friends to our events. Whether that’s the online events or coming along to your local support group meeting. It’s a great way for the people around you to understand your journey.
  5. Use the month as an opportunity to raise money for The Pituitary Foundation to allow us to continue our work supporting people with pituitary conditions. There’s lots of ideas for fundraising on our ‘fundraise at home’ webpage.
  6. Keep a close eye on our website for your next local support group meeting. Share your journey and experiences with others in the community and make friends along the way!
  7. Use our Instagram stickers. Just search for ‘Pituitary Awareness Month’ where you find your stickers on Instagram and save our special Pituitary Awareness Month 2023 stickers to add to your Instagram stories.
  8. Order our GP Factfile to hand to your GP so they can read about prolactinoma and other pituitary conditions.

By getting involved and spreading awareness this month we can make a difference. By increasing our understanding and providing support for those affected by prolactin-related conditions within the pituitary community.