A recent survey found out that less than half of the UK population have a valid will. But there are many good reasons to have a will, no matter your age, health or wealth.  

Having a will means that you are prepared for the worst thing to happen and can make sure that your money and possessions go to the people and causes you love and want to support.  

A will is not only for old or wealthy people 

Everyone should have a will. Even if you think you don’t have much money or property to pass on. Having a will makes sure you can look after the people, causes, and charities that you care about after you die. It’s the best and only way you can be sure that everything will be distributed according to your wishes. 

Dying without a will is stressful for your loved ones 

If you die without a will, you die intestate which means that all your money and possessions will be distributed according to UK law. This means, for example, that a partner you are not married to or are in a civil partnership with has no automatic right to inherit from your estate. This even applies if you’ve lived together for several years or have children together.  

Not knowing your last wishes in formal writing might cause additional stress for your loved ones and can come at an additional financial cost. It can also lead to paying more inheritance tax than is needed.  

Get help with your will writing 

You can always write your will yourself. For that, you would need a good knowledge of all your assets, the current inheritance law and two formal witnesses who themselves are not beneficiaries of your will (further information can be found here.) However, if your will is not straightforward or you’re unsure about regulations regarding inheritance, we strongly advise you to get help with writing your will. 

Using a solicitor to draw up a will for you or even check the will you have drawn up yourself will make sure it will have the effect you want. It is easy to make mistakes which would then cause problems after your death. Legal advice from a professional will sort out all misunderstandings and can give you peace of mind. 

FREE will offer to members 

Usually, drawing up a will with a solicitor or even official legal advice can be expensive. That’s why we offer a free will writing service for all members of the Pituitary foundation. If you’re interested, you can find more information here or email [email protected].  

If you aren’t already a member you can become one for just £25 a year.