Travelling with a long term health condition can cause some extra stress, so if you’re lucky enough to be travelling abroad this year we want to make sure that you are prepared. This blog post will outline some resources that can help.

Travel Insurance

Over the years members have recommended travel insurance companies that can support those with medical conditions. We have a list of these insurers, to support you when buying insurance. 

Hydrocortisone Awareness Cards

If you take hydrocortisone then we recommend carrying alert cards around with you in case of emergency. We now have credit card-sized awareness cards in French, Spanish and Turkish. They are free to download or order from our website

Adrenal Insufficiency

Our friends over at Addison’s Disease Self Help Group have loads of resources for those with adrenal insufficiency who may be travelling, including resources in different languages.

We hope that these resources help, but if you have further questions about travelling with a pituitary conditions then our Patient Information and Support Helpline is a great place to go. All the volunteers who answer the phone have a pituitary condition, so have lived experience to give guidance and advice for a range of challenges that you may face.