Our online support group for everyone affected by prolactinoma offers a place where you can raise your concerns, ask questions and receive support from people who truly understand what you’re going through. 

In addition to the support of our community members, we have medical professionals with experience in managing prolactinoma joining us on a frequent basis. They will be there to answer your medical questions and provide you with guidance and advice.

Our meetings take place online every 3-4 months. Please fill out the contact form to find out more about the group and our next meeting.

We look forward to seeing you!

Jess Buck

After being diagnosed with a prolactinoma in 2011 when she was 18, Jess turned to The Pituitary Foundation for help and support after she spotted one of our leaflets in her hospital. She has done lots of fundraising events Four Falls Trek and Snowdon and Ben Nevis climbs. Jess loves hearing from others with pituitary conditions and enjoys trying to help those with a prolactinoma. She is very excited to create this safe space where people can share their stories, discuss their symptoms and generally feel supported throughout their pituitary journey. 


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