The Oxford Patient Support Group is for the support of newly diagnosed and existing pituitary patients, who more than likely attend OCDEM at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford for their pituitary treatment.

We currently have over 60 patients in the group with varying pituitary disorders. We operate a local “buddy” system, so that Oxford patients who have the same pituitary condition can be put in contact with others with the same condition, and therefore exchange experiences, medication levels, and coping ideas. This informal buddy system is entirely optional.

We aim to  have around four meetings a year, and since Covid-19, these have been held virtually using Zoom, and sometimes at those meetings we have a guest medical speaker who can give insights to their discipline and its relation to pituitary patients. We also aim to have “social” meetings during the year, where we can meet in person, get to know each other a bit more, and of course talk about pituitary challenges.

If you would like to join this friendly and helpful group, or find out what is going on and when the next meetings are, please contact John Budd at johnbudd30@hotmail.com or 01494 676 595.

John is a pituitary patient diagnosed around 2009, and had surgery in 2012, and is ably supported by his wife Cathy.