Over the last few weeks we have been sharing about the importance of having a steroid emgergency card if you are steroid dependent. We recently joined forces with Addison’s Disease Self Help Group to ask you where you keep your steroid emergency card.

Steroid Emgergency Card

Everyone who is steroid dependent and at risk of having an adrenal crisis should carry a steroid emergency card. They should be handed to a medical professional in case of emergency. The card contains information about what to do in case of an adrenal crisis and a QR with further information from the Society of Endocrinology.

You should be able to get a card from your local pharmacy, your GP surgery or your endocrine clinic. We also have a downloadable version that you can keep on your mobile phone. 

Where do you keep your steroid emergency card?

We collaborated with Addison’s Disease Self Help Group to ask our social media followers where they keep their steroid emergency card. We had lots of responses with some great suggestions of where to keep your cards. Here are a few of our favourites:

Thank you to everyone who shared during the campaign, we hope that you’ve got some great new places to keep your card so you’ll have it handy when you need it most.