An interdisciplinary group of researchers from University of Birmingham (Dr Eder Zavala, Dr Gerard Cummings), University of Kent (Professor John Batchelor) and University of Warwick (Professor Michael Chappell) are working towards a closed loop platform for endocrine system management.

Whilst the research project is still in a very early phase of development, the Bionics+ team – as they are known – have been keen to ensure patient preferences are factored into the future design of their prototype technology from the very beginning. The team have thus developed an anonymous survey to collect views from people with Cushing’s syndrome (as well as people with adrenal insufficiency) and also those who support them.

They will be looking at this feedback to identify common themes or practical suggestions which can be implemented to improve the next stage of the research design and development process. They will also share key learning from this survey as part of a webinar later this year, so that those who have contributed can learn how the information will be acted upon.

If you would like to feed in, you still have time until the end of July and we will also let you know about the webinar event when that happens! Many thanks to everyone who has been in touch with the Bionics+ team already.

You can access the survey here: