We are delighted to be launching our new psychological support service in partnership with RareMinds. This service provides specialist psychological support for individuals and family members affected by pituitary conditions. Thank you to everyone who donated to our Christmas Appeal, without you and some additional funders, this new service wouldn’t have been possible.

For our new psychological support service, we are offering people up to 8 sessions that are free and confidential. Rareminds, a charity who specialize in counselling services for people with rare conditions will be delivering this service.

Rareminds is a UK based charity supporting the mental health of those with rare diseases and family members. They provide access to specialist counsellors and psychotherapists trained in working with rare diseases.

Stephanie, the lead counsellor, at our Cushing’s disease event. Photograph by Photographer London.

They have a unique understanding of the psychosocial impact of rare diseases and work in partnership with patient organisations, rare disease charities and groups to understand the specific challenges faced by their communities.

All of their counsellors/psychotherapists have additional post-Diploma (or equivalent) level experience, and have completed Rareminds internal training programme on ‘Counselling for those impacted by Rare Diseases’.

We hope that the counselling will enable us to support anyone affected by a pituitary condition to live well. The sessions will provide people to talk to counsellors about anything that they are struggling with regarding the emotional impact of a pituitary condition. This might include:

  • Impact on your family, social or work relationships
  • Anxiety or low mood
  • Identity (including feeling different, lonely or isolated)
  • Dealing with difficult, unpredictable or increasing symptoms
  • The psychological burden of being the ‘pituitary condition expert’
  • Coping with unpleasant tests or treatment
  • Making difficult choices
  • Worries about the future

Initially this service will be offered as a pilot scheme. It will only be available to members to purchase our enhanced membership package. You can become a member for £25 a year, and we’ll be sharing how to get enhanced membership very soon. We hope that with the success of this project, we will be able to secure extra funding to continue the service. With thanks to Nationwide Foundation, National Lottery Awards for All, Recordati, Diurnal for providing funding.

This service is not currently available, but if you think you would find this service useful, then we will be releasing more information very soon!