Jenifer is a Trustee with The Foundation

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Hi, I’m Jenifer and I recently became a Trustee of The Pituitary Foundation. I live in Scotland and in keeping with the times, all of my contact with the other volunteers and staff has been over zoom, email and the telephone. I am already finding it so interesting and rewarding and look forward to face to face meetings and events in the future.

I was drawn to apply for the role of Trustee as I have personal experience of diagnosis, treatment and living with a pituitary condition. I wanted to contribute to the work The Foundation does to support those affected by pituitary conditions. I have a professional background in the charity sector, predominantly in media communications, policy and advocacy, and youth engagement and participation. I hope that this complements my personal experience in bringing a useful perspective to the team.

I received my prolactinoma diagnosis in 2015 following infertility investigations. It was not a straightforward path to diagnosis, so I have an appreciation of the difficulties and emotions that can be involved. I therefore see the essential role that the resources, support and wider work of The Foundation can play for those at all stages on their diagnosis and treatment journey. Fortunately once I had the diagnosis and appropriate treatment my fertility was restored, and I feel so lucky to be a parent to my two young children as a result.

I am privileged to look after my children full time, so the flexibility of volunteering with The Foundation gives me an opportunity to engage with my professional skills and have a focus outside of my home life. Over the past few months I have found it interesting and motivating to learn more about the experiences of other pituitary patients. I have seen how The Foundation not only supports patients, the helpline has been even more vital during the pandemic, but also campaigns for changes which can create lasting improvements, such as the current work regarding looking to rename Diabetes Insipidus. I am gaining insight into the essential work of fundraising and having a renewed admiration for everyone who gives enthusiasm, time, and resources to help secure revenue in these most extra- ordinary of times.

Thanks so much for reading!