My pituitary journey began back in 2008 when I became very unwell. Diagnosis of a pituitary adenoma and apoplexy was a very rocky road. Things progressed between high prolactin levels, pituitary insufficiency and then Addison’s disease.

Having a psychotic episode in 2016 sparked a need to change my outlook on life completely.

My approach to treatment now has to incorporate the traditional medication for Addison’s and my other medical neurological disabilities and conditions alongside physiotherapy, yoga, pacing, logging, analysing my health. It’s a rounded approach and needs meticulous planning.

The opportunity to become a pituitary campaigner came along at just the right time for me. I love the support, the flexibility and patience of the team. It has allowed me to utilise my expertise from teaching and pushed me to acquire new skills to support the team and give back to others

Since working with The Pituitary Foundation I have a website (3rd Attempt!) that I am proud of and publications and blogs around Pituitary conditions as well as mental health and sport & exercise. The later stems from my role as a Disability Sports Ambassador for Essex County Council. Juggling things around my other health conditions and committing to the world of Para-Swimming which were amazing opportunities and this role was perfect for me.

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