This is me Shorna, and I am 21 years old. I live in small village in Bangladesh. I had a dream that I wanted to establish myself and to service my nation. I am biggest child in my family. All of the time, I think that it’s my duty to ensure life support for my family members.

It’s a long story. It began in 2011 when I was diagnosed with high prolactin. I found out I had milk secretion, and I was surprised it happened to me. I became ill again and again. In 2014, I met with my medicine specialist and according to his suggestion, I take medicine and I feel better. On the other hand, my milk secretion is increasing day-by-day and I was crying that time. At night I can’t sleep for over secretion. I went to hospital to meet with gynae department and they test me and referred me to surgery department. I was surprised and I go there, but doctors had not and I came back home.

I had huge headaches I couldn’t bear. Then I meet with my eye specialist and he say everything is ok, that means my eyes have good condition. He also suggested medicine.

Again I meet with my medicine specialist and I share with him, my milk secretion and he say some ground for high prolactin. There has one ground for pituitary gland tumour.

I come back to my home and share with my family member. I was worried about it.

I had a Facebook friend whose name is Joy, who is a medical student, and I share with him about secretions and he ensures about brain tumour.

Again I consult with my family members, and 1st August 2015 I meet a famous medicine specialist. On 2 August, my report has come and shows high prolactin. He suggested me bromocriptine for 3 times a day at 2.5mg and I begin the torture of bromocriptine. After one month I meet with my own medicine specialist and he see my follow up to stop my medicine. But again, being secretion and he suggest me bromocriptine. After I take it for one month, I stop again. In this time, I meet ENT specialist for nose bleeding. After I take all tests, he suggested an operation. But day by day, my secretion is increasing, yet my prolactin report show normal; he refers me again. I meet and she again suggest bromocriptine for one month.

2 June 2016 I had an operation.

After taking bromocriptine, I had secretion yet my report was normal. My medicine specialist and ENT specialist referred to an endocrinologist.

Every moment I was running from one hospital to another hospital, my head pain increased and secretion.

2 October 2016, I meet with my endocrinologist and show all report and say about problem; he suggested an MRI and some blood tests .10 October 2016 all of report had come good without prolactin.  And accordingly, he suggested to take cabergoline and try to reduce prolactin.

I meet with eye hospital and they found out my eyes had a problem. After 6 months taking cabergoline, I also displayed high TSH. I started Thyrin.

After trying 10 months I could to reduce prolactin and TSh level.
According to my doctor, he suggested I stop only cabergoline for 2 month. But I become so ill within one month and again I take follow up and it shows the most high prolactin levels. I meet with endocrinologist and he suggest me an MRI with contrast.

11 June 2017 I take MRI and my report show 6mm/6mm pituitary gland tumour.On this day I meet with most famous neurosurgeon.  He sees all report and say there could possibly be blindness because my optical nerve has problem but not need operation and suggest cabergoline.

6 December I take 2nd MRI with contrast and reports show 6.8mm /4.8mm pituitary gland tumour. And I meet with my neurosurgeon, he again suggested me cabergoline and he say medicine do work.

This my untold story. Every day cabergoline killed me; when I take cabergoline, I cannot hold normal life. It’s so hard moment for me. I’m only 21 years old but I know what is reality, what is my life.

I was so happy when I stop cabergoline, I think that I get everything but no. I cry all time I cannot sleep without sleep medicine.

I try improvements for me. My last wish I want to live happily and healthy.