I discovered I had a pituitary tumour in March 2021.  I was prescribed Levothyroxine for an underactive thyroid in 2019. My periods stopped. I was tired and cold, depressed and felt lethargic. 

I experienced:

  • severe headaches and light sensitivity.
  • anxiety – particularly at night.
  • brain fog. I would feel as though there was a shadow over my face.

I had to stop driving. I was disappearing. I would be there in person, but quiet and often asleep. I got muddled about times and dates. 

One day my mum read about pituitary tumours. When I saw what she showed me I was convinced that this was what I had. I had almost every symptom. 

Following a prolactin test and MRI scan it was confirmed that I had a Non-Functioning Gonadotrophic Pituitary Macro-adenoma. It had damaged my peripheral vision and my bones. I have osteopenia in my lumbar spine.  

The tumour was the size and shape of a large strawberry and compressing the optic chiasm.

Cabergoline failed to shrink the tumour; the only treatment

The adenoma was benign, but this tumour is anything but kind and gentle. It wreaks havoc with your hormones and causes lasting damage in a short time.   remaining was surgery – quickly, or I might lose my eyesight.  

October 14th 2021 I had transsphenoidal surgery at the Walton Centre,  Liverpool. I am so grateful to my surgeon, Mr Ajay Sinha and his team.  

On January 19th 2022 I had my post op appointment. I was thrilled that the latest MRI showed no evidence of the tumour. 

I am now awaiting tests to ascertain whether my pituitary gland is still fully functioning. Time will tell how much lasting damage the tumour has left me with.

I am grateful to my family, boyfriend and friends for their support! Thank you to The Pituitary Foundation for the resources that have helped me learn about my tumour.

I aim to raise awareness about Pituitary Adenoma’s and to highlight how important going to the doctors and getting yourself checked out is. If something feels wrong don’t wait around for it to get worse. 

Dealing with this has changed my life significantly but it isn’t entirely for the worst. I have energy and motivation since surgery to give my all to the things I want to achieve. I am now slowly returning to my work as a vocal coach. It is a job that I absolutely love.

 This is Victoria 2 weeks after surgery!