Pituitary patients handbook

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For those seeking diagnosis, the newly diagnosed & diagnosed patient.

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  • Introduction
  • The Pituitary Foundation
  • For All Patients
  • The Pituitary Patients Charter

Part 1: For Those Seeking a Diagnosis

  • Seeking a Diagnosis
  • Check List of Symptons Associated with Pituitary Conditions
  • Referral to an Endocrinologist

Part 2: For Those Newly Diagnosed

  • Treatment if a Pituitary Condition is diagnosed
  • Emotional Issues
  • For Those Facing Surgery
  • Medication Names of Various Treatments
  • Questions You may want to Ask when You Start your Treatment
  • An Explanation of Hormones

Part 3: For Those Diagnosed

  • Pituitary Function Tests Explained
  • Recognising Practical & Emotional Issues
  • The Patient & Doctor Relationship
  • Physical Appearance
  • Going to the Hospital for Tests
  • Holiday & Travel Information

Part 4: For Those Patients on Hydrocortisone

  • Important Information for Patients on Hydrocortisone
  • When would I need to take more Hydrocortisone?
  • How to give an Emergency Injection of Hydrocortisone
  • How do I cope if I'm Travelling away from home with Hydrocortisone?
  • When do I know that I would need an Emergency Injection?
  • Contact Details for Other Organisations