Dermatuff stockings and sleeves

Skin-Tears Protection Stockings & Sleeves by DERMATUFF

This is an advert by one of our corporate partners, Dermatuff.

(Registered as a Medical Device Class 1)

Some people affected by pituitary conditions may experience thinning skin. (Thinning skin may be a side-effect of taking oral steroids). Thinning skin is very easily injured by an accidental impact or abrasion but these injuries can be prevented by the use of our Skin-Tears Protection Stockings and Sleeves. For full details, including sizes available, please see our website:

Dermatuff Product Image

Our stockings and sleeves can protect you from skin-tear injuries.Trials in nursing homes have shown a 97% reduction in injuries when wearing our stockings.

DERMATUff should be worn all day and every day, overnight if necessary. The feet of the stockings need not be protective so they are made from ‘stretchy’ cotton and will fit any size of foot.

The stockings and sleeves are cool in summer and warm in winter. Scientific tests have shown DERMATUff causes no irritation or side effects. DERMATUff should be washed at 40degC. If two pairs are used alternately and washed each day they will have a year’s life or more.

How to buy

Our RRP per pair is £39.50 (£30 + VAT + p&p £3.50 (UK only). For every pair of stockings or sleeves bought through The Pituitary Foundation we will donate £3.35 to the charity.

Visit to order online.

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