My Story

Patient with Diabetes Insipidus……. Change the name.

10 months after Pituitary Surgery.
Taken to A&E.
After a FIFTEEN HOUR wait in A&E.
I was not offered water and physically unable to get it myself, fortunately my husband was there.
I was eventually admitted with Hyponatraemia.
I was in there three days. With my life in their hands.
None of the nurses/specialists/staff knew what Diabetes Insipidus was.
I was told countless times there are different forms of being a diabetic.

My whole time in there was not only fighting for my life but also fighting to be heard.

I had been given important notices from The Pituitary Foundation, for staff to read.
ONE nurse in the whole time read one of them.
THEY ALL thought I was being an unreasonable patient.

Two weeks later.
Taken by ambulance to a different hospital, still very ill.
No one in this A&E had heard of Diabetes Insipidus.
Was extremely ill, put on a drip which proved to be near fatal.
I had got to the point of hallucinating, shouting , swearing, laughing, singing. Pulling peoples hair.
Totally out of character. Totally out of control.
They thought I was mad.
I was put in a side room , they called the mental health team.
My family were as trapped as I was.
Three attempts were made to sedate me.
Eventually I was sedated and had to go on Life Support..
I was in there for two weeks.
The nursing staff were very cautious of me the whole time because they thought I was mad.
Almost everyday my blood sugar was being checked.
I was constantly told how healthy my virtually clear urine was.

My whole time in there was not only fighting for my life but fighting to be heard.

PLEASE Change the name.
PLEASE… Help people like me to be heard.

SUFFERING Diabetes Insipidus and SUFFERING in silence with mis-communication.