What is it? Bake and sell cakes to your friends, neighbours or colleagues. Or invite people round and sell tea/coffee and cakes.

Many people have held cake sales in the past. You could host it at home, at an event or even in the office. You could sell cakes for a set amount or a donation. Many people set up a PayPal QR code to allow people to pay online if they don’t have any cash.

Once you’ve done your fundraising event, you need to pay the money to The Pituitary Foundation. You could do this via bank transfer, over the phone or using the donation function on our website.

Hosting fundraising events is a great way to support our work supporting people with pituitary conditions, and to raise awareness! You never know what conversations you may have with others who donate money or attend events. If you are planning on hosting an event, please let us know so that we can support you in whatever way we can. Email [email protected].