In July 2022 I started struggling with my vision, it was becoming blurry. I was seeing things that were not there (flashing lights and shadows) and could not see things that were present. I booked myself in for an eye test and after numerous tests they referred me to my local hospital for a MRI Scan. Several days later I attended the eye ward to receive news that my records were going to The Walton Centre in Liverpool, and that I have a tumour on my pituitary gland. The tumour was so large that it is pressing on the optical nerve. 

In between the time of the eye test to my operation I had lost all vision in my left eye and had just 20% in my right eye. I lost all of my independence, I could not drive for 8 months, I had to be with someone all of the time as I was incapable of being alone.

My operation took 10 hours, they entered the brain through the nose and removed as much of the tumour as they could, however I had a bleed during surgery and they had to stop with some tumour remaining. At first my surgeon was not too concerned but when the biopsy results returned it showed I had acromegaly. 12 months later I return to the Walton Centre for another MRI and they have now decided I will face Radiotherapy as the residual tumour has grown back. 

After my operation I was prescribed Hydrocortisone which made me gain a lot of weight. When I felt strong enough I started exercising and eating as well as possible and managed to lose 2 stone. My medication has been dropped gradually which has helped too. When I gained weight I felt worse, hopeless and fell into depression so I knew I had to do something. Now I am in the gym 4 days a week and I walk 10 miles a day – which may seem excessive, however it is my coping mechanism.

I am looking forward to my Radiotherapy and I am hoping it will shrink or remove the tumour completely. But either way I am optimistic for the future and groups such as The Pituitary Foundation are a fantastic thing, no one is alone.