When? How much?

Wednesday 06th December, 2023
Registration cost: £20 (includes Santa costume and children under the age of 18 go FREE)
Minimum sponsorship: £50

Bring all of your festive cheer to this years Santa in the City for Team Pituitary!

Join the sea of Santa’s running through London and raise funds for those with pituitary conditions. What’s to miss? You get to be Santa for a day, you’re taking in some of London’s most historical landmarks and adding glee and Christmas cheer to those around you.

If you want to be on Santa’s good list, the 4.5km run will start at 7pm, with a check in time of 5pm (to make sure you get your Santa suit!)

You’ll be running from The Founder’s Arms in Bankside, just outside the TATE Modern, and begin your Christmas visits along famous landmarks such as, The Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral via the Thames.

Refreshments and support will be provided along the route by the Santa in the City organisers. As well as a place to recycle your Santa suit, be kind to the environment this Christmas!

This would also be a great opportunity to get children involved as under 18’s get to go FREE! Open to over 8s only.