We are pleased that the liquid injectable supplies of Hydrocortisone Sodium Phosphate for emergency injection kits are now available. They have previously been unavailable since June 2022, so this will be a huge relief for anyone living with steroid dependency.

The manufacturing issue with Hydrocortisone Sodium Phosphate has meant that many people have needed to use Hydrocortisone 100mg Powder for Solution (previously Solu-Cortef). Hydrocortsione Sodium Phosphate requires no mixing prior to drawing into the needle for injection, which is preferable for many people.

If you would prefer this medication then you can ask your GP or endocrinologist to prescribe this to you. You may need to mention to your GP that the reason this medication has not been issued recently is due to a manufacturing issue, and not a change in your medical needs. You also need the intramuscular needles and syringes, and your GP or endocrinology team should supply these to you when asked.

Reminder how to use the hydrocortisone injection

Your Endocrine Nurse should show you for the first time how to use the emergency hydrocortisone injection, but you can also watch our video which gives guidance.

Our emergency information page also gives information on the signs of an adrenal crisis and when you should have an emergency injection.