In October we hosted Pituitary Awareness Month and this year’s theme was Spotlight on Prolactinoma. With your help we have successfully raised awareness of this condition amongst the pituitary community, and engaged people with the impacts of prolactinoma and raised prolactin. Read on to find out more.

We hosted 7 events throughout the month including a support group. These were attended by over 130 people. Around 90% of attendees thought the events were good or excellent and increased their knowledge of the subject. We are pleased to have held a session specifically for men with a prolactinoma, as often their experience can be different to others.

On social media our posts were seen over 88,000 times. This is incredible, and we thank everyone who shared posts. This has meant that information and stories about people living with prolactinoma will have reached so many more people. We also found that on our website our prolactinoma pages were looked at 42% more than a usual month!

We saw some incredible fundraisers raising awareness and money throughout October as well. With their help, and many kind donations we raised over £4500! Notable fundraisers including Claire who held a charity night raising £2310, and Oscar, who walked 400,000 steps over the month raising £1470!

Thank you to everyone who got involved throughout the month. We need your help to able to continue to raise awareness like we did throughout Pituitary Awareness Month, so please consider donating if you are able.