Volunteer Guidelines

These are all the documents and guidelines needed when you are volunteering with The Pituitary Foundation. You can access the documents by clicking on them. Most of them are PDFs and will open in your internet browser where you can download them. Some documents which require you to fill out information will automatically be downloaded to your computer as a Word document.

If you see any errors, would like to have a document in a different format or have any additional information to add, please contact Kim, Volunteer Coordinator.

For all volunteers

General Handbook for all volunteers. Last edited June 2023.

Decision Tree for difficult situations. Last edited August 2023.

Reimbursement form. Last edited June 2023.

WhatsApp Policy. Last edited October 2023.

For Helpline Volunteers and Telephone Buddies:

Handbook for Helpline Volunteers and Telephone Buddies. Last updated June 2023.

This month's helpline rota. Last updated October 2023.

Call sheet template. Last updated June 2023.

List of endocrine centres. Last updated June 2023.

'Living with...' Index for Website. Last updated August 2023.

For Telephone Buddy contact sheet, please ask Kim for the newest version.

For Support Group volunteers:

Handbook for Support Group Volunteers. Last updated June 2023.

Meeting template for new events to be added to the website. Last updated June 2023.

Template for reporting numbers after support group meeting. Last updated June 2023.

Risk assessment. Last updated June 2023.

For Office Volunteers:

Office Volunteer Handbook. Last edited June 2023.