Talk Pituitary Q&As - Our new Q&A series on Facebook Live

We’re excited to introduce our new series of Q&As on Facebook live - Talk Pituitary! This series will give you the opportunity to ask questions live to our expert. Each Q&A will focus on a different theme that are relevant to many pituitary conditions.

Members of the foundation will also have an opportunity to ask questions in advance which will ensure that we are more likely to ask your question (members were sent details about this in the members e-newsletter). Everyone else can ask questions in the chat box function on Facebook or by messaging us directly if you would like to ask an anonymous question.

For our first Talk Pituitary Q&A we will be joined by Dr Sue Jackson. Sue is a psychologist, so you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions to do with the psychological impact of pituitary conditions. We will be going live from our Facebook page at 7pm on Thursday 9th June!

 FB Live Q A Graphic